Navi Health Meeting

Event Name:  Navi Health Meeting

Event Date:  Feb. 11, 2016

Event Designer:  Sarah Ann Miller

Venue:  The Factory at Franklin

It was an incredible morning for Navi Health’s 2016 annual kick-off meeting at The Factory at Franklin — where 275 employees came to listen and discuss what “drives” them to greatness.

“Drive” was the inspiration for this year’s theme as Navi Health’s top executives spoke about a contribution to society, as their company tag line is “To Do Good” for their patients and society.  Energy, focus, purpose, determination, intention, and discipline were among the topics discussed. Navi Health empowers its patients to optimize their recovery process through a positive, uplifting journey.

We played off of the “Drive” theme with checkered black and white linens and flags; glass vases filled with mini race-cars and nuts & bolts. And, you can’t have a meeting that’s all work & no play — that would be “exhausting.” So, we brought in car-simulator games to get guests going in the early morning! Thanks, Navi Health, for letting us be a part of your 2016 meeting — we had so much fun getting everyone “revved” up for the new year.